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Rigging, Compositing, & More

Working in a variety of fields, from Film to Medical Simulation to Theme Park Attractions, I've gained production expertise in a variety of software. I specialize as a Character TD in Maya, a Compositing TD in Nuke, and a Technical Artist in Unity. Cross-training allows me to help in multiple areas of any studio's pipeline, by bringing characters to life with rigging early on, or finalizing renders in the end. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are within my realm as well, including real-time game engines.
Scripts to use, Code to peruse

I discovered programming languages far later in life that I care to admit. That said, languages such as Python and C#  have now become an integral part of my daily life whether at work or at home. I most often write scripts and tools for Maya and Nuke, with interfaces in PySide/Qt. A majority of my Unity scripts are C#, though quick ones might be in Javascript from time to time. MEL and TCL get used from time to time as well, but Python holds both the ease of use and power that I love most.
Because rendering takes too long

As a passionate artist and avid gamer, I strive to create impressive content that all can be proud of. Working inside of Unity and/or Unreal, I've been working on several games in my spare time. From 2D projects like a new twist on Arkanoid, to a 3D re-creation of my most beloved game of all time, MegamanX. While I've been using game engines professionally for several years, these projects are products of love as opposed to apps for medicine or content for theme park attractions.

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